“In the heart of London's vibrant art scene, June-Lallah, a multi-disciplinary artist, curates a dynamic showcase bringing together multimedia artists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, transforming the gallery into a space where visual art gives way to an immersive fusion of music and dance. This curated interaction between art forms creates a captivating call-and-response, challenging traditional boundaries of performance art. The aim of "We Da People" is to celebrate and elevate the diverse talents flourishing in the London art scene, providing a platform for creativity to thrive amid the chaos of the times. It's more than an exhibition; it's an invitation to experience the harmonious synergy of artistic expressions, pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a gallery space.” 


Erah / Aysia Wards / Bukky / Michael Abraham / Taliable / Saturn / Aisha Kacie / Junsei / Hail Cash / June-Lallah / Akiya / Nnennaya Ogugua / Elisha Tawe / Zak Wilson Rhiana Iman / Skcava / Ella Alagoa / Shai Chantel /  Elif Gonen